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Hacked CSAT 90 plus for IAS Prelims 2022 May batch
Starts 5th May, Learn elimination techniques for CSAT - IAS prelims, 12 days club, Habitat mentorship
What is Hacked: CSAT 90+ club?

It is a UPSC IAS prelims 2021 special club for CSAT by Zeeshan Hashmi. In this 10 days Habitat club, you will be following a minimalistic approach focussing on highly rewarding areas and avoiding time consuming and complex topics. This will minimize efforts on one hand and bring efficiency on the other.

No teaching of concepts will take place in the club and no unnecessary material will be shared. Instead, the major emphasis is going to be on hacks and tricks by Zeeshan sir, using previous years papers to understand the demands of the paper and using pre-existing knowledge to solve questions.

Club starts:5th May
Duration:12 days
Course fee: Rs 3800 + GST = Rs 4484
Program inclusion
  • Membership to the Hacked: CSAT 90+ club
  • 10 days intensive workshop on Habitat
  • Twice a day Habitat session: Learn, interact and discuss with Zeeshan sir
  • Readymade tricks and hacks to solve questions
  • Personalized mentorship
Topics to be covered
  • Major emphasis on Reading Comprehension
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Direction sense test
  • Blood relations
  • Order and ranking
  • Symbol change = bodmas
  • Clock
  • Missing numbers
  • Puzzles and sitting arrangements
  • Number series
  • Percentage
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Problems on ages
  • Averages
  • LCM
Mode of discussion:

Habitat is a chat-based platform. Thus primarily discussions are going to be in the form of texts/chats.

How to join?

Click on enroll below. Use your same email id to log in and access the Habitat club that you had used to enroll. You will be directed to the Habitat club.

Facing any issue in joining?

Reach out to us at hello@habitat.club and we'll solve your query asap.

Coordinated By Zeeshan Hashmi
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