PARAKRAM Ethics GS Paper 4 Answer Writing for IAS mains 2021
Coordinated By Rohit Yadav
UPSC Mains
15 days Club; Basic to advanced GS-IV Ethics Answer Writing; Habitat discussion and doubt sessions; Detailed evaluation, analysis and discussions; Mains PYQ discussion; Google meet; Habitat Mentorship
What is Parakram Ethics club?

It is a 15 days Habitat club aimed at covering all the essential approaches for GS paper 4- Ethics Answer writing. It will also include case studies. Through this club you will be elevating your level from basic to advanced w.r.t Ethics Paper 4.

Through these you will be covering syllabus and getting clarity on various topics as well.

Objectives of the club
  • More than 50 questions analysis.
  • Daily 3-4 questions with full analysis.
  • Evaluation, analysis and discussion of every answer by the mentor
  • Daily feedback and discussion to prevent and tackle issues in Ethics answer writing
  • This Answer Writing will also help you in GS 2 and essay paper.
  • By the practice, evaluation and guidance you will master the GS4 answer writing.
Program inclusion
  • Membership to Parakram club
  • 15 days club, Daily Habitat sessions except Saturday
  • Answer writing and PYQ discussion
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of answers.
  • Audio-Video sessions also included other than chat based ones.
  • Google meet sessions with Rohit Yadav
  • 1-1 Habitat mentorship by Rohit Yadav
Duration:15 days
Program starting from: 2nd August
Course fee: Rs 1500+ GST = Rs 1770
Mode of discussion:

Habitat is a chat-based platform. Thus primarily discussions are going to be in the form of texts/chats. However, mentors can use a combination of text, audio and video message.

Where to access the videos/material?

All videos/ study material will be shared in the Habitat club only.

How to join?

Click on enroll below. Use your same email id to log in and access the Habitat club that you had used to enroll. You will be directed to the Habitat club. Tag Rohit Yadav sir using @ before rohit.yadav in the club. More details and timetable will be shared in the club.

Facing any issue in joining?

Reach out to us at and we'll solve your query asap.

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