Kautilya Public Administration Answer Writing Club
Coordinated By Rohit Yadav
Starts 17th Nov; Public Administration optional; Daily 2 Answers discussion; Direct mentorship; Habitat sessions
About the mentorship club:
  • This club is dedicated to the the answer writing practice for the optional public administration subject.
  • Two answers will be discussed daily
  • Value addition and direct mentorship will be provided
  • Helpful for the constructive and impactful answer framing
Club starts: 17th Nov
Duration:30 days (renewable monthly)
Course fee: Rs 1500 + GST = Rs 1770
Program inclusion
  • Daily 2 Answer Writing practice
  • One to one mentorship
  • Google meet sessions to tackle the weaknesses and hurdles in any topic
  • 2 Questions will provided in morning 9 am and discussion and evaluation in evening 5 pm
60.67% Disc 4500
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